Pre-Lab Preparation

H-M recognizes that the biggest challenge you face as a lab coordinator is ensuring that students are properly prepared for each lab session. We build customized tools for instructors to address these needs. We focus on what’s most important to you and customize the solution to fit your needs.


Here are some examples of pre-lab challenges:

  • Ensuring that students are aware of lab safety issues and guidelines.
  • Inconsistent and time-consuming pre-lab lectures.
  • Not all students understand the equipment in the lab.
  • Students are unfamiliar with lab techniques.
  • Lab concepts are not understood completely by students.
Pre-Lab Lecture

Our Solutions

The Results

  • Students come to lab prepared, thereby leaving more lab time for actual experiments and analysis.
  • Students have more confidence to perform experiments safely and correctly.
  • Student engagement and comprehension are improved.