Case Study: Pre-Lab Lecture

The Situation: In a biology lab, Teaching Assistants were giving a ten-minute introductory lecture on the lab’s topic.


The client presented several challenges to Hayden-McNeil that they were experiencing with the pre-lab lectures:

  • Content was not particularly engaging; it was prepared in a very basic way to accommodate the large number of TAs presenting it.
  • The lab coordinator had no idea how consistently the material was being presented across sections.
  • Ten minutes of valuable lab time could be put to much better use.

Click below to view the client's original slides used in the pre-lab lecture.

Original Slide Presentation
Pre-Lab Lecture

Our Solution

Iphone Device

H-M transformed the instructor’s PowerPoint slides into an engaging pre-lab tutorial that students watched before coming to the lab session.

Interactive Example

The Results

Students came to class more prepared. The ten minutes saved provided ample time for questions and answers or allowed lab time to be extended. The lab coordinators could be sure that all students received the same level of quality pre-lab instruction.